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- Tennis : at 3 kms, two tennis playgrounds are situed in Auvers le Hamon. the Tennis club of Sablé (10 kms) has a greater variety of surfaces.

- Swimming : 10 kms, the pool complex, located in Sable sur Sarthe, on the road of Pincé, is open since summer 2008.

- Golf of Sablé-Solesmes : on a beautiful area and a great quality, 27 holes and 9 school holes, at 13 kms.

- Sailing : Lake of Saint-Denis-du-Maine (15 kms). And on the Lake of the Monerie in La Flèche (30 kms).

- Horse riding, at 3 kms, the club of la Coquelinière in Auvers le Hamon.

- Walks in forests : Forest of La Charnie, forest of Bellebranche, etc.

- Canoe/kayaking, at 10 kms, the nautical sports center situed in Sablé sur Sarthe permits to rent boats for few hours or for the whole day.

- Bicycle rental, in Sablé.

- Inland navigation, the harbour is situed in Sablé sur Sarthe, you will discover the charms of the valley of La Sarthe.
Many activities are available in the surroundings of the mill, discover them !
Hours of markets :
Sablé sur Sarthe : Friday morning, Saturday morning and Monday morning.
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